On International Women’s Day, The Women’s Boat to Gaza announced that it will sail in mid September 2016! Across the world, we participated in events announcing our project.

The Women’s Boat to Gaza project now seeks submissions


This competition is open to all.

We are looking for names that reflect our core principles:

* A boat with only women crew and delegates

* Solidarity with the women, children and men of Gaza and Palestine

* Highlighting the role of women in daily life, the struggle and resistance

* A non-violent, direct action that is not affiliated with any government

* Ultimate goal is to break the illegal blockade of Gaza

Closing date for entries is April 25. The winner(s) will be announced May 1.

The successful submission will be honoured both aboard the boat and on our website www.freedomflotilla.org

Please send your submissions by April 25, with a brief rationale for your suggestion to [email protected].

Thank you for your support!