former-robben-island-prisoner-ahmed-kathradaMessage of support for Women’s Boat to Gaza from Kathrada Foundation

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation pledges its support for the Women’s Boat to Gaza as it journeys to break the siege on Gaza, Palestine.

We condemn the violent siege and the human rights atrocities conducted by apartheid Israel on the people of Gaza. We call on Israel to end the siege, which is in defiance of international law.

The Foundation urges the Israeli authorities not to intercept the Zaytouna, nor to arrest the women on board as they have embarked on a non-violent, peaceful mission to Gaza.

We appeal to the South African government to demand that the Israeli authorities cease the interception of the Zaytouna and ensure the safety of the women on board, one of whom is a South African citizen.

We would also like to point out that despite Israel’s attempts to block the boat from entering Gaza, the flotilla campaigns have made substantial progress towards creating awareness about the siege, and future efforts should not be deterred.

We salute the brave women on board and wish them well for the remainder of their journey. Your bravery, selflessness and commitment to this cause is admirable and inspiring.  At the same time, we pay tribute to the enduring courage displayed by Palestinian women in the face of Israeli occupation. It is your resilience that continues to inspire activists around the world. A luta continua!

Ahmed Mohamed Kathrada (or ‘Kathy’, as he is popularly known) spent 26 years and 3 months in prison, 18 of which were on Robben Island. 

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