Lisa Gay Hamilton, United States

Lisa Gay Hamilton, United States

Lisa Gay is an award winning actress who co-starred for seven years on the Emmy Award winning, David E. Kelley television series, “The Practice.” She also co-starred on the critically acclaimed series “Men of A Certain Age.” Today she co-stars on the new Hulu series “Chance” starring Hugh Laurie.

Ms Hamilton made her prime-time directorial debut on “The Practice,” and “BEAH: A Black Woman Speaks” marked her feature length documentary directorial debut. “BEAH” earned many awards and prizes, including a 2005 Peabody.

Film credits include: “True Crime” (Clint Eastwood), “Palookaville”, “Drunks”, Ophelia in director Campbell Scott’s “Hamlet”, Jonathan Demme’s  “Beloved” and “The Truth About Charlie”, “Nine Lives”,  “Ten Tiny Love Stories” and “Mother and Child” (all directed by Rodrigo Garcia), “Honeydripper” (John Sayles), “Deception”

(Marcel Langenegger),“The Soloist”(Joe Wright). “Beastly”  (Daniels Barnz) “Take Shelter” (Jeff Nichols), “Lovelace” (Rob Epstein & Jefffrey Friedman), “Life of a King” (Jake Goldenberger), “Redemption Trail” (Britta Sjogren) & “Go For Sisters” (John Sayles).

QUOTE: “It is an honor to be here and join this extraordinary group of women. This issue is bigger than me, than any of us. As a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, I cannot help thinking of Palestinian women in Gaza, who live in an open-air prison because of the occupation. It is so painful to think of them, we have to take action to end the blockade of Gaza.”