Photo: 'Women in Marianne'/@Pablo Miranzo

In 2016, with the Women’s Boat to Gaza, women from all over the world will sail to highlight the important role of Palestinian women in the struggle of their people. Our inspiration comes from the indomitable spirit of the women in Gaza, the West Bank, inside the Green Line and in the diaspora.

Gaza has been under Israeli blockade for the past decade during which Israel has also launched countless attacks against the besieged population, turning their life into a nightmare and a continuous struggle. Through Freedom Flotillas and other naval missions we have protested against the passivity and complicity of the international community in the face of such suffering, while calling for solidarity of civil society with the Palestinian resistance.

The Women’s Boat to Gaza not only challenges the Israeli blockade, but will also bring a message of hope to the Palestinian people. This project will be made possible by the support of women, men, non-government organizations and civil society collectives from all over the world.

Therefore the Freedom Flotilla Coalition calls for the active participation of individuals and groups in this new campaign. Can we count on your help to:

  • Support WBG publicly with a statement from your group or organization.
  • Organize local events in support of WBG.
  • Join working groups.
  • Make financial donations to our grassroots initiatives.

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