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Stories from returning #WomenToGaza; #FreedomFlotilla’s struggle to end illegal blockade of #Gaza continues

Palestine has a woman’s name

On July 29th 2018, the day Al Awda, one of the boats in the Right to a Just Future for Palestine Flotilla, was hijacked in international waters, Ahed Tamimi was released fromRead More...
By : Zohar Chamberlain Regev | Oct 14, 2018

Israeli court cross examines IOF witness in Zaytouna-Oliva case

Under cross-examination, Israeli occupation official admits that because of the shortage of electricity in Gaza the sanitation pumps are not working at full capacity. The lawyer representing the Zaytouna-Oliva’s owner made full use of thisRead More...
By : Zohar Chamberlain Regev | Jan 3, 2018

The role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Resistance

On 26 September the conference, ‘The role of women in the Palestinian Popular Resistance’ took place in the European Parliament, with more than 90 people including representatives of Women’s Boat to GazaRead More...
By : Zohar Chamberlain Regev | Dec 6, 2017

Swedish Parliament Hears from the Women’s Boat to Gaza

More photos from Rumbo a Gaza Women from five continents who took part in the Women’s Boat to Gaza, travelled to Stockholm to attend the Women of Gaza Under the Blockade” conferenceRead More...
By : Zohar Chamberlain Regev | Dec 6, 2017

Give phones to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails*

*Basel Ghattas, MK, who was on the Freedom Flotilla in 2015, is in Israeli police custody, after being stripped of his parliamentary immunity, accused of smuggling cell phones to Palestinian prisoners inRead More...
By : CBG1 | Dec 23, 2016

Opposing Israeli attempt to legalise theft of Zaytouna-Oliva

On Monday 19 December, 2016 (13:00) Haifa District court (acting as Maritime court) at Ave. Pal Yam 15a, Haifa, there will be a protest against the ongoing illegal blockade of Gaza and to demandRead More...
By : CBG1 | Dec 19, 2016

Marama Davidson: “I will not be silenced” about the blockade of Gaza.

‘I have a job for the rest of my life to tell this story, and I will not stop. I need to keep talking, and so do you.’ Listen and watch thisRead More...
By : CBG1 | Nov 18, 2016

Defend Media Freedom

Israel Social TV is under attack – Defend Media Freedom! Yudit Ilany, a participant on the Women’s Boat to Gaza representing Israel Social TV, travelled from Barcelona to Messina aboard the Zaytouna-Oliva.Read More...
By : James | Oct 19, 2016

Stories from returning #WomenToGaza; Struggle to end illegal blockade continues

As we write, the last of our wonderfully brave participants from the Women’s Boat to Gaza are either home with their loved ones and supporters, or on their journey home. They haveRead More...
By : CBG1 | Oct 8, 2016

MEPs speak out for WBG despite silencing by plenary Chairman

On the invitation of Members of European Parliament from the GUE-GNL group, Women’s Boat to Gaza representatives met with MEPs in Strasbourg on 4 and 5 October. Our request for MEPs to demand theRead More...
By : CBG1 | Oct 7, 2016